Changes to Royal Mail franking charges

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Royal Mail prices are set to change their prices this year on the 25th March, affecting conventional and commercial postage costs.


We’ll outline in detail the increase in price below as well as some of the advantages of using a Mailmark franking machine. Despite the changes to charges using a Mailmark franking machine not only ensures you are always paying the right price (adjusting charges automatically) but it is also the cheapest and most convenient way to send mail on a significant scale.


The cost of postage in the UK goes up slightly each year on the last Monday. Tables featuring the new franking costs for UK and international shipping can be found here. You’ll also find a brief overview below.


What is the difference between a franking machine and a Mailmark franking machine?


Mailmark is the new 2D barcode that the Royal Mail can process a lot more efficiently, making postage cheaper for them and, therefore, for you as they pass the savings on to the customers. The Royal Mail is also offering an extra 1p discount on every item sent with the Mailmark Extra tariff.


Mailmark franking machines


·        Prices for sending a normal letter through your franking machine with Royal Mail Mailmark will increase, with prices now starting from 61p for a 1stClass letter and 41p for a 2nd Class letter.

·        Prices for sending a large letter through your franking machine with Royal Mail Mailmark will start from 95p for a 1st Class letter, with a 2ndClass Large Letter starting from 72p.

·        Prices for sending a small parcel through your franking machine with Royal Mail Mailmark will start from £3.48 for a 1st Class parcel, or from £2.90for a 2nd Class parcel.


Standard or Smartmeter Franking Machines


·        The cost of sending a 1st Class letter will start from 64p and a 2nd Class Letter will start from 47p.

·        The cost of sending a 1st Class large letter through a standard or Smartmeter franking machine will start from £1.01 and a 2nd Class large letter will start from 77p.

·        The cost of sending a small parcel 1st Class through a standard or Smartmeter franking machine will start from £3.48 and for 2nd Class parcels will start from £2.90.

·        The cost of sending international standard letters anywhere in the world will start from £1.25 and international standard parcels will start from £4.25.


With the price of postage increasing, using a Mailmark franking machine is even more beneficial for your business. Not only do franking machines significantly reduce the cost of postage overall, but it is also more convenient and efficient, saving you and your employees time.


Gettinga franking machine, in particular, a Mailmark franking machine, is one of the best ways to improve the efficiency of your mailroom. It saves you and your employees more time than any other efficiency measure – such as changing the layout of your mailroom or better training.


Mailmark franking machines also mean that only ever pay the correct amount for postage.The machines calculate the exact cost of the postage for each parcel and letter, so you never under- or over-pay.  


To put the investment into perspective, here are some of the possible savings you can make with a franking machine.


Mailmarkfranking is at least 10p cheaper per first-class letter and can be up to 19p cheaper for each second-class letter, which can quickly lead to a colossal saving. This fact is only increased because the top-of-the-range franking machines can frank up to 180 letters a minute. If you opt for the Royal Mail’s Mailmark Extra tariff, then you get an additional 1p off the price of every package.


Mailmark franking machines are also very easy to use. Little training is needed for youand your employees to use the machine effectively. The personalized labels also look much more professional on your business letters and packages.


So, remember that the price changes come into force on 25th March. If you’re really organized, why not mark the date for next year in your diary? To be more efficient, go for a Mailmark franking machine. You’ll be surprised atthe difference the investment can make.

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