The Dos and Donts of Office Supplies

In addition to being your source of mail franking machines and supplies, IMS Franking can also keep your workplace fully stocked with the most common office supplies ranging from paper products to rubber bands. Over the years, we have learned a thing or two about office supplies and the best way to go about making sure we remain fully stocked ourselves.

There are certain dos and don'ts that go with stocking and using office supplies. When everyone gets on board with them, there is rarely a shortage to be found. On the other hand, it is easy to find yourself without something you need when co-workers are not following the dos and don'ts.

Need some examples? Here are the unwritten dos and don'ts of office supplies:

DO Take Only What You Need

Nobody likes an office supply hoarder. Be kind to your co-workers by only taking those office supplies you absolutely need for the moment. And if you happen to find you have taken too much once the job is done, return any unused supplies to their original location. The last thing you want is for someone to open your desk while you're away on holiday only to find out you were the one controlling all the paper clips.

DO Report Low Supply Levels

The person in your office designated to order new office supplies may work on a schedule that does not necessarily account for emergency shortages. Therefore,always report when supplies are running low. If you notice that there are only a few pens and pencils remaining, say something. If you go in the supply room and notice you are down to just a handful of meeting pads, report that to the person in charge of ordering.

DON'T Take Office Supplies Home

Please be kind to your employer by refraining from taking office supplies home. Unless you are specifically authorised to do so, those supplies belong at work and only at work. Companies lose a tremendous amount of money every year by way of employees who help themselves to office supplies. Do not be one of those employees.

DON'T Move Office Supplies Elsewhere

Once your office has established a location for its various supplies, don't move those supplies elsewhere without doing a couple of things. First, check with the person charged with maintaining inventory to ensure that the new location is convenient for him or her. If that person agrees with the move, the second thing to do is inform the rest of the office about the change. If you simply move office supplies elsewhere without telling anyone, you will have co-workers driving themselves crazy looking for envelopes and labels.

Office supplies are not necessarily a delicate subject in the modern office. But they can be, especially if everyone on the team does not respect the dos and don'ts. Be one of those workers who does the right thing and you are less likely to cause workplace issues over something that is otherwise so trivial.


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