Why Use Franking Machines?

Technology has completely changed the way that inbound and outbound mail works within a business. As mailroom technology evolves, you need to ensure your business mail solutions are keeping up!

The current standard for mailroom equipment is to use franking machines.This can be a great way to align your inbound and outbound mail with the industry. Plus, with options available such as franking machine hire your business can avoid the high setup costs of buying the machines outright, while still benefiting from the service.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Franking Machines:

1. Saving you time and effort

You know that terrible feeling, right when the most important delivery deadline is looming and you’ve run out of stamps. Sometimes this means taking an emergency trip to the post office. Sometimes it can mean missing important targets.

With franking machines you can cut out this risk completely. As you can top them up at any time of day or night without leaving your mailroom.

You can also process outgoing mail quickly and easily, saving you stress and time. You can easily weigh items in house and make sure correct postage is applied. This means that even large batches of letters can be quickly passed through the franking machine and sent out.

2. Postal discounts and incentives from the Royal Mail

Since franking machines and Mailmark™ rose to popularity in the last few years RoyalMail has launched lots of money saving incentives for businesses to use these services. For the Royal Mail handling franked items is a lot cheaper than issuing stamps and processing stamped mail. So, they’re able to pass on these savings in the form of discounts for franking machine users.

3.Keeping up with the industry

Perhaps an unexpected benefit of franked mail is the professional image presented by the franking machine stamp. You can fully customise your franking stamp to contain your business logo along with other text or images you fancy. This can be a good promotional tool if you want to push new services, promotions or company news - at no additional cost! It also makes outbound mail look slick and professional.

4. No risk of Over Stamping

This is a common issue in mailrooms across the nation. Having an item that needs to be posted quickly, but you don’t have the correct weight or exact value of stamps to make the delivery - so you overpay.

With a franking machine with an integrated scale this won’t ever be an issue as the goods are accurately weighed and franked at the correct price.

5. ...Or Under stamping

The old Royal Mail policy was to charge the sender if the items didn’t have enough stamps to make the delivery. However, now it’s the recipient who is asked to pay the difference. Often in addition to a handling fee. Leaving your recipient out of pocket and probably pretty annoyed with your service.

With franking machines, it is easy to get the correct postage every time and avoid the embarrassment of under stamping.


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